Tijuana, Mex. – Tijuana, Mex. – A stray female dog was so weak from hunger and illness last weekend that she could barely lift her head when an animal rescue advocate snapped a couple photos of her to upload on social media with a request for help. This is the method by which the rescue of an animal in dire straits begins in Tijuana. It was later learned that this girl – now named Mabel – had been laying in the same spot for days. She was dying.

Mabel 1Mabel 2

Megan Tomlinson – an independent animal rescuer – saw the plea and could not ignore the request. She knew the situation was dire and agreed to help.

Mabel was taken directly to the vet where she was diagnosed with a laundry list of maladies, including anemia, severe dehydration, distemper, ehrlichia, a nose fracture, and a leg fracture. She will need extensive vet care, but this will be both a costly and lengthy endeavor.


A no-nonsense and compassionate woman, Tomlinson has been a champion of rescuing and placing a multitude of homeless animals from Tijuana and surrounding areas. Her commitment to these animals was made crystal clear when the rescue community discovered that only a couple of weeks before delivering her third child, she transported a van full of animals to a rescue in Colorado.

Both Tomlinson and Crossing Guardians work with the same Tijuana indy rescuers. Our paths often cross. Saving just one animal is always a team effort. We will help and work cooperatively with one another. It has to be this way. Support from others (teamwork) is the rule, not the exception.

As such, Crossing Guardians is asking for your support in helping Tomlinson with vet care costs and other expenses associated with getting Mabel well and into a forever home. If you can spare some change, please send it by PayPal to Adam.megan@hotmail.com.

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